Privacy and Security Policy

Privacy and Security Policy

A. Scope of the Privacy Policy

This privacy policy applies to how this website handles and uses the personal information collected when you use the services of this website. However, it does not apply to related linked websites outside of this website or to individuals not commissioned or involved in the management of this website.

B. Collection, Processing and Use of Personal Information

  1. Purpose of Personal Information Collection:
    The primary purpose of collecting personal information on this website is to contact users and respond to user feedback or suggestions, including the following legally specified purposes:
    (1) Contract, similar contract, or other legal relationship affairs (069);
    (2) Consumer and customer management and services (090);
    (3) Information and database management (136);
    (4) Investigation, statistics, and research analysis (157); and
    (5) Academic research (159)
  2. Categories of Personal Information Collected:
    To provide you with application and inquiry services, this website collects your personal information such as your name, email address, phone number (C001 identification of the individual) through pages such as "online registration" and "application information".
  3. Personal Information Retention Period, Recipients, and Methods:
    (1) Period: During the existence of the Taiwan Biobank (hereinafter referred to as "the Biobank").
    (2) Recipients: The Biobank and third parties that have cooperation and commission relationships with the Biobank (such as the National Center for High-performance Computing).
    (3) Methods: Email, fax, paper or other appropriate means according to the scientific and technological methods at the time shall be used to contact you and respond to your inquiries.
  4. Pursuant to Article 3 of the Personal Information Protection Act of the Republic of China, you may exercise the following rights regarding the personal information you provide:
    (1) Inquire or request access to your personal information;
    (2) Request the Biobank to stop collecting, processing, or using your personal information; and
    (3) Request the Biobank to delete your personal information.
    If you have any of the above needs, please contact the Taiwan Biobank by calling 02-2652-3580. Our personnel shall promptly process your request.
  5. This website collects, processes, and uses your personal information based on the above reasons. You are free to choose whether to provide the aforementioned personal information. However, if you refuse to provide relevant personal information, this website may not be able to contact you and provide feedback services.

C. Disclosure of information to third parties

Unless we obtain your separate written consent, this website shall only use your personal data within the scope of the specific purposes for which it was collected, in accordance with the methods and scope stated in this statement, and shall not use, excerpt or alter your personal data for any other purpose. The Biobank shall not disclose, notify, transmit, deliver or copy your personal data to any other individual or unit without the aforementioned consent. However, in the following circumstances, we must disclose your personal data as required by law, administrative agencies (including police agencies), or judicial authorities:

  1. As required by explicit legal provisions.
  2. To enhance public interest.
  3. To prevent danger to a person's life, body, freedom, or property.
  4. To prevent major harm to the rights and interests of others.

D. Data Protection

  1. This website adopts various necessary measures in accordance with the law, including information security technologies and equipment such as firewalls, antivirus systems, as well as other administrative and practical measures, to protect your personal data, so as to prevent it from being lost, stolen, or abused, and to prevent unauthorized access, disclosure, alteration, or destruction of your personal data.
  2. Only authorized personnel who have signed confidentiality agreements are allowed to access your personal data in this website, and if any of these personnel violates their confidentiality obligations, they shall be subject to relevant legal sanctions.

E. Links to External Websites

The web pages of this website provide links to other websites. You may access other websites by clicking on the links provided on this website. However, the privacy policy of this website does not apply to the linked websites. You must refer to the privacy policy of the linked websites.

F. Use of Cookies

In order to provide you with the best service, this website will place and access cookies on your computer. These cookies do not contain information that can be used to identify your personal identity, but instead record your personalized settings and other information that you have entered on this website, or track your browsing history. If you do not wish to accept cookies, you can set the privacy level of your browser to “high”. However, this may result in some of the functions of this website not working properly.

G. Amendments to This Privacy Policy

In order to effectively protect personal information, the privacy policy of this website may be amended at any time as necessary. The updated terms will be published on the website. It is recommended that you regularly review this privacy policy.

H. Information Security Policy

Any unauthorized attempt to alter the services provided on this website is prohibited and may be illegal. To ensure the security of the website, its services, and your personal information, the management of this website provides the following security measures:

  1. Using a network intrusion detection system to monitor network traffic to prevent unauthorized uploading, modification of the website information or its intentional destruction.
  2. Installing a firewall to prevent illegal intrusion, destruction, or theft of data, and to prevent unauthorized use of the website.
  3. This website uses systems or software to ensure information security on the Internet and provide users with a safe browsing environment.
  4. Establishing an information security incident monitoring, notification, and response mechanism to prevent incidents and ensure the recovery of operations in the shortest possible time, thus reducing damage.
  5. Conduct regular updates through the application of patches in accordance with notifications from system vendors.

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